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Ways you can support st. paul


Giving a Donation by Credit Card or ACH Bank Transfer

From regular giving to special donations, many appreciate the ease of online giving. By clicking on the button below, you will be directed to a secure donation page.

Envelope Giving

Giving envelopes are placed in the Offering Plates each Sunday during worship and are lifted to God. Envelopes may be mailed to the office during this time of social distancing.

Giving through Bill Pay

A convenient way to offer your giving amount is by utilizing your bank's bill pay service, either manually or by a schedule you set up. Be sure to include on the memo line how your giving amount is to be applied (i.e., regular giving, food pantry, flowers, etc.).

Automatic Account Withdrawal

Your giving amount is automatically debited from your account. Contact the office and someone will assist you in setting this up.

Terri Lynn Nuts & Sweets

These gourmet nuts and sweets are delicious for yourself and for gift giving! A portion of every product sold through this website benefits the St. Paul Community Meals ministry. Click on the name above or the picture on the right. Happy shopping!

Thrivent Action Team Grants

If you are a member of Thrivent Financial through your 401K or life insurance, or other policies, you are eligible for up to two grants per year. These grants can help pay for materials, mailings, signs, or many other uses to get God's word out to the community. Let the office know you wish to help and someone will help you to apply.

Text-To-Give (Coming Soon)

From your smartphone, enter this number (xxx-xxx-xxxx), then an amount in the text box for Current Giving, or choose a special fund by typing the amount and then the word: FOOD, HOMELESS, CAPITAL (ex: 50 FOOD will donate $50 to the Food Pantry).



Returning our offerings to God helps us to experience a renewed sense of gratitude for all that God has given us.

From The 7 Habits of Jesus
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