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Education Building
Renovation Campaign

The campus of St. Paul Lutheran Church features three creations of Sarasota modernist architect Victor A. Lundy. In 1957, this (then) local architect developed the master plan, completing the Education Building in 1962. Today, this 60 year old building needs renovation to maintain Lundy’s artistry and vision, a cost this congregation cannot afford without your help.


We wish to keep Lundy’s legacy in Sarasota alive with the replacement of the soaring glulam beams and roof that define the structure. The Sarasota School of Architecture considers the Education Building one of Victor Lundy’s most significant buildings. Visitors from around the world come to view this iconic campus.


The St. Paul Education Building Renovation Campaign is a commitment to the Sarasota community and our congregation‘s mission, the St. Paul Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC). The ECLC serves many working families in Sarasota every day. The gift of learning and love shown in this building cannot be measured.

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When asked if the teachers, students, and families would like a new building rather than renovating the current one, the resounding answer was No!

Valued Community Asset From its inception, the St. Paul Early Childhood Learning Center’s Peaceable Kingdom was designed for families to be able to afford daycare that included education for their children. It’s a place that prepares children of all backgrounds for elementary school and life. Congregation funded scholarships help close the opportunity gap for children in Sarasota who need it the most and set them on a path to success.


Cost Estimate: $665,425

The State of Florida awarded a $209,750 historical structures Special Categories grant in 2022. The $140,000 cost of the two glulam beams is the biggest expense of the project. Without the glulam beams, Lundy’s architectural legacy is lost.


Roof covering                         $136,160 Roof decking                          $109,208 Glulam roof beams                 $140,178 Masonry walls                         $  40,625 Glazing                                   $101,850 Miscellaneous                        $137,404 Cost estimate                         $665,425 State of Florida grant            $(209,750) Fundraising goal                   $455,675


Building Team

Hall Darling Design Studio, a local architecture firm with extensive historic preservation experience, was engaged to address the building’s deficiencies. They completed a comprehensive assessment of the roof system and exterior building along with proposed solutions. Kimco Construction will be the contractor for the project.

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Please send this form with your check or plan of giving to St. Paul Lutheran Church, 2256 Bahia Vista St., Sarasota, FL 34239. Payable to: St. Paul Lutheran Church Ed Building Renovation Campaign.

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Your support to preserve Victor Lundy’s Education Building and the Early Childhood Learning Center is very much appreciated. Your gift is tax deductible under IRS guidelines. Thank you!



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